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​Our mission is to expand Pasargad tools

After years of experience and successful presence in the electrical tools and industrial machinery market of the country and understanding the needs of customers and existing shortcomings, the managers of Pasargad Tool Development Company decided to create a single and professional group to supply the country's industrial machinery from various manufacturers. set up so that they can give a befitting and worthy answer to the needs of the country's dear industrialists in this field, while providing all kinds of consulting services and designing industrial units and supplying the best industrial machines. All the managers of the company are educated people in technical and engineering fields with a lot of experience in the field of industrial products and they try to use their experiences and knowledge to provide the best quality products from the best domestic and foreign suppliers.

Features and benefits of tool extensions

Expert advice

The guidance and advice of our experts in choosing the brand and type of machines you need

Golden warranty

The golden warranty of the company of the development of tools is one of the fastest, the most quality and the most professional guarantees of industrial machines in the country.​​​​​​

Fast delivery and installation

Pasargad tool extension specialists will plan the installation and deployment of the machines immediately after the purchase

تماس با مدیر فروش

 Golden warranty of Gostaresh Abzar Pasargad

The golden warranty of Shashtan al-Gazal company is one of the fastest, most high-quality, and professional warranties for industrial machines in the country, and the company's technical team has made every effort to minimize the damage caused by the maintenance and repairs of industrial machines as quickly as possible. The turning of the wheel of the country's industrial factories should not be included. All the technical experts of the company have been selected from among the best and most experienced engineers in the country and after going through various training courses inside and outside the country and accumulating enough experience as assistants and being approved by the chief engineers of the company as technical experts to perform car service and maintenance services. The devices are busy.


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professional Consultation


Variety of machines


The success story of Pasargad tools expansion customers

Contact our elite experts

Providing expert advice and introducing the most appropriate solution to you in terms of efficiency and implementation costs


Contract for the supply of machinery

Determining agreements and obligations in the form of a formal contract


Contract implementation and after-sales service

Provision of contract items and timely delivery and installation according to your schedule



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